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2011-12-22 07:22 pm


So since it's Christmas break, I finished my Christmas shopping, and I got paid, I decided to catch up on comics I've missed. Namely, those comics are part of DC's New 52 reboot. Out of the New 2, I've read Supergirl, Justice League Dark, Justice League, Justice League International, and Wonder Woman, and Teen Titans.

My favorites were Supergirl, Justice League Dark, and Wonder Woman. Though I have to say that Supergirl's costume annoys me and there was some consent issues in concerning Deadman in JLD (though I love the Zatanna, John Constantine, and Enchantress parts). Wonder Woman is pretty dark and makes changes to her origin.

I think I like JLI better than JLA, mostly because Booster Gold is in JLI and Hal Jordan is kind of an asshole in JLA. Teen Titans was underwhelming to me; I'll wait to see if it gets better before getting any more issues.

And of course there's still some comics in the reboot I won't touch with a ten-foot pole: Red Hood and the Outlwas and Catwoman. Both threat their female characters terribly and have very blatant fan service (Judd Winnick used the word "sexy" no less thant 40 times when describing the Catwoman book).

Though I want to read Birds of Prey, Batman, and Batwoman.