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Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows

So, I got to see the second Sherlock Holmes movie with my friends a few days ago. It was a great way to celebrate the end of finals and start of Christmas Break. Overall, I liked it a lot. I'll talk about it in a little more detail under the cut.

I thought this movie was pretty great overall, especially as far as sequels go. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law were fantastic in their roles as Sherlock and Watson respecitively; I also loved the new additions to the cast: Madam Sim, Mycroft, and Moriarty were all excellent.

Actually, I'd like to talk a little bit more about Moriarty because he was awesome. In every scene with him and Sherlock, he conveys a perfect sense of dread to the audience. He was brutal (the scene where he's captured Sherlock comes to mind) and he's a perfect match for the genius that is Sherlock Holmes; there are times throughout the movie, where I was actually afraid that Moriarty was going to kill Holmes and it really had me on the edge of my seat.

Mary, now Watson's newly married wife, is also great in the few scenes she's in. I liked Mary in the first film and her character continues to be great here: she pulls a gun on a henchman and is able to crack the code in Moriarty's personal records, ensuring that most of his fortune would be taken by Scotland Yard. Madam Sim was also great: resourceful, handy with a knife, and hosptiable enough to share a tent and a hedgehog.

On that note, however, I'd like to talk about my biggest problem with this movie, the one flaw that keeps me from saying it's a better movie than the original, and that is the treatment of Rachel McAdams' character, Irene Adler. Irene Adler was a major character in the first movie, a great opponet for Sherlock, and all around awesome character. And what happens to her in the sequel: she's killed off in the first five minutes. And that pissed me off.
Admittably, I'm biased; I liked Irene Adler's character a lot, and am a Sherlock/Irene shipper (as well as a Sherlock/Watson shipper, but that's not the point) so I'm not exactly offering a completely objective viewpoint here. But that's only part of the reason why this character's death really pisses me off. The other, larger part is because it fits the Women in Refrigerators trope.

For those who may not know, Women in Refrigerators refers to the killing off of female characters, particularly love interests of the hero, in order to further male character devlopment. And, you know what, it's a horrible, cheap trope to use and the writers should have known better.

In fact, all call Irene's death what it is: a product of lazy writing. The writers obviously wanted Moriarty to do something completely horrible to Sherlock so they had him kill Irene Adler in order to give Sherlock a message about interfering. It's lazy, cheap writing, and a disservice to both the character and Rachel McAdams.

But other than that aggrivating plot development, the movie was great and people should see it.